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Team Goat Q&A with Bud Tender Gio

TEAM GOAT Q&A- Meet one of our goated budtenders, Gio! 🔥🐐

How did you become a bud tender?

I was always interested in cannabis and once laws passed and stores were open I wanted to be apart of it so I applied and right before the pandemic hit I became essential and helped open a dispo and it’s been an amazing ride ever since.

What’s the best part about working here at Goat House?

Cheesy but Dan is amazing. You always follow a good leader and he’s great. He loves cannabis and gets you excited and informed and is able to bring that excitement to anyone whether they’re into cannabis or not and it’s infectious. I find myself getting as excited as he does about the flower. It’s also a plus that he grows amazing flower too!

Favorite thing to do with your free time?

I’m always out supporting my homies and local artists. I love going to concerts and holding a camera from time to time getting sick shots. I try to be as adventurous as I can be so the sky’s the limit.

What kind of music are you into?

It’s tough cause I’ll have days where I’m bumping hip hop and other days, I’ll blast metal to even country. I like a lot but if I had a favorite, I think I stick with rock as a genre cause I love hearing different parts that instruments make up for a song to sound.

Favorite flower strain right now? Why?

Durban Poison for my sativa and Gelato trix as my INDICA. I know I’m cheating but I love the Durban because it elevates my mood and gets me focused on a task and I can still be creative while I do it. The gelato trix is just a really good INDICA hybrid Strain that hits me right in the body as well as cerebral.

What’s your preference: Papers, cones, blunts, bongs, etc?

I love rolling a good blunt but I’m not gonna lie there some cones out there that are really sick and worth trying. I’m big into Endo wrap with wood tips.


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